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Friends Of Animal Services

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Antioch Friends of Animal Services began in 1979 after the people of the City of Antioch voted overwhelmingly for a local Animal Services Program. From the very beginning, Antioch FOAS has held the interests of our local animal shelter in our hearts and we are continuing to work on their behalf. We are an all volunteer group and we focus wholly on services to the animals at Antioch Animal Services.

Our original purpose remains the same: to ensure a truly humane, high quality animal shelter with a "Life Ethic" that focuses on placement of the animals into caring and capable homes. We accomplish by promoting public awareness of the shelter, we sponsor adoption fees at various times of the year to help relieve over-crowding, we enhance the quality of life of the animals with comfort and enrichment items to increase adoptability and underscore our commitment to reverence for life. We fund specialized and/or emergency veterinary care, supplies and equipment that would otherwise not be available to our shelter animals due to budgetary constraints, to make the animals whole for adoption rather than face euthanasia and we raise the funds to accomplish our mission.

Your generosity and 100% of your donations will help AntiochFOAS continue lifesaving work for the animals at Antioch Animal Services.