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Friends Home & Village Paxson Hall Elevator Project

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Karen Haney wrote -

Friends Home & Village (FHV) is a non-profit (501c3 status, ID # 23-1365330) independent living and personal care facility that has been in existence since 1897. Our mission of providing small-community retirement living is aimed specifically at seniors of moderate income. Within the past few years, FHV has seen a trend in the ability of its residents to remain in independent living and personal care longer than ever. As they age in place, however, FHV’s residents require more walking assistive devices, such as walker and canes, and may experience emergent medical situations more frequently. The elevator in FHV's personal care facility, Paxson Hall on its Friends Home campus, has been in continuous operation since 1913. Over time, the elevator has become costly to maintain and repair as parts are unavailable and must be specially built. It has also become increasingly difficult for residents to use, as in order to operate the elevator, a wrought iron gate and glass door must be closed manually. This is becoming more difficult for our residents with decreasing physical strength and balance issues to accomplish. In addition to this challenge, the elevator is very small, holding three or fewer people at a time. On occasions where emergency medical personnel are dispatched, it is impossible to fit a stretcher and medical personnel on board the existing elevator, requiring that a stretcher be carried up and down three flights of stairs during an emergency response. FHV recognized the importance of building a larger, easier to use elevator two years ago, and has worked diligently to develop the plans and accumulate the funds needed to move forward with this project. With a cost estimate of $375,000, however, there is still a long way to go, and this is project who's need is urgent. To raise the remaining funds needed to make this plan a reality, while maintaining its mission of keeping prices moderate, FHV will need to rely on the good will of others. Currently, FHV is seeking $150,000 in monetary donations to complete its funding for this important project. With your help, we are hoping to make this fundraiser a success! Thank you for taking the time to consider this request toward a worthy cause.

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