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Freya Project Inc

Transforming words into empowerment.

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The Freya Project is a reading series that uses storytelling to inspire community-based activism and to directly raise funds for small, under-resourced organizations fighting for human rights.

We believe in the voices of women and non-binary people, and that by telling their stories, we can inspire support and activism for the organizations that need it the most.


The Freya Project is the perfect marriage of art and action.  The importance of transforming words into empowerment cannot be overstated and becomes more vital every day
— Louisa Luna, Freya Project Reader 


Founded in the wake of the 2016 election by Natalka Burian and Nonie Brzyzki, our events unify and lift up women and non-binary people, and create an environment where we can support each other as active citizens of the United States.

At our fundraising readings, five women share personal essays on topics relevant to their experience. We aim to amplify the voices and experiences of women and non-binary people while building community at our events and focusing that community on the their plight across the country.

We help small nonprofits dedicated to preserving a safe space for the marginalized, frightened, and endangered among us in every corner of our nation. All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to small, non-profit organizations located in areas that do not always embrace the vital work they perform. These small, often volunteer-run groups promote reproductive justice, offer assistance to immigrant and refugee women, justice involved women, and advocate for gun control and environmental causes in their communities.