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Free Education Program

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Free Education Movement

Our Free Education Program can be utilized as  “Open Education Program”, The program is from student to student. they represent the free dissemination of knowledge for the betterment of mankind especially to compete in today’s job market. Its mission is straightforward in purpose  to assist in the democratization and global advancement of higher education worldwide.

Non profit organization people based, When a member or a student is following free course for 6 months, in order to pass the exam and get certified their required to teach new student  for 6 month. With 2 options they may teach subject based on what we have taught or they may teach based on his/her capabilities in other subjects under the same period. There are no nominal fees charged to the new members. it is what can be classified as totally free education.


Illustration :

Mr. John Doe is a senior high school student and he is good in Math. We teach him English for 6 months. After he finished the course and pass the exam , he must teach new students  English or Math for 6 months too in order to get certified. 

Mr. John Doe choose to teach Math based on his capabilities, and We give him 2 Students, One of his student name is Robert and he’s good in Japanese, another one is Jane and she is good in Drawing Comic. After Robert and Jane have finished the course, they required to teach new students also, Just like what Mr.john Doe did. They may teach Math or teach other subject based on their capabilities.


Our Free Course Programs

  1. English for Everyone
  2. Comic Drawing
  3. German Languages
  4. Japanese
  5. Mathematics

The Obstacles

The main idea of this program based on the reality that education in developing country are really expensive. This program has been held since 2001. we were using an unused government building for free, unfortunately it was only running for 9 months because the building were going to use for another profitable event. Since that we moved to one of infamous universities in Bandung, we were allowed to use the small class twice a week but after the Dean was changed the same thing goes happen after we used their room  for a year we have to pay the rent fee  if we wanted to keep using it.

That situation made our volunteers have resigned and we have loosing many member. At September 2004 we paused all activities until 2008 we’re finally back after one of the Islamic Boarding School in Bandung gave us place for free. With new face of Volunteers and new additional program we have been fully supported by the School Principal, They gave us a big classroom with capacity for more than 80 people.


History repeats it self. After the School Principal has resigned, the school regulation has changed too. We can not use that room for free anymore. When they were asking for ‘room maintenance fee’ we were trying hard to raise fund from members donation, we were also selling merchandise during the course. The money we have collected was not enough to pay the rent fee neither to pay electricity bill.

in 2009 we were evicted from that school , and we deicided to use public park for our activities, everything gone right when the weather is clear but when it comes to rain, the activities shall stop.


We need your help.

All we need just a permanent place In order for this program to remain sustainable and provide for degree courses complete with student & Volunteer support. We believe we don’t ask too much nor dream too high to buy a small and comfortable place and extend the spirit of sharing knowledge and Wisdom to people who ever need it.




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