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Freedom to Have Hope: AIDS & HIV Patients Needs Assistance

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I have a friend and roommate in a financial hardship that is to the point of being homeless in the next two weeks and neither of us could have ever seen this coming. The drastic change in income started about two years ago after my roommate found out he was diagnosed with having AIDS then later that year becoming even more sick then hospitalized. This was a near death experience for him that with God's grace, he made it alive but his health is declining. During this same time, there has been a reduction in hours at work where I am now making about $300 every other week which is not enough to handle both my portion and his portion of the $1200 rent in addition to utilities. We have no external financial support from family as well as friends and we have exhausted all possible rental assistance offered by the state. To add more pain, the state of Texas has failed him because a year ago he applied for Social Security Disability and has been unable to collect on it because they have denied his claim despite his current condition. There has been a substantial amount of evidence provided to them to support his claim. He has been waiting for a hearing date for the past 6 months and there has not been a date set as of July 2013. While all of this is transpiring, it places him and others in his situation in a severe financial constraint and it appears as though our Government does not care about the conditions people live in, and they only see every hardworking citizen as a number and not has the contributors towards what they have worked for their entire life.

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He is in his early 40s and has spent his entire life working hard to support himself for 15 years and with the same company. It is with this company that he has devoted his time and dedication to secure his future. Anyone who knows him will have nothing but great things to say because he is the kind of person that smiles and make others smiles as he walks into a room. Many would also describe him as someone who gives so much, even if he has little to give. His heart is filled with so much compassion and love for others that motivates those around him to feel the same kind of joy, but he does not ask for or make it known that he needs help. Due to his current illness, it is more difficult for him and others with this disease to tell anyone about it because of the social backlash that often comes along with it. It is so hard to see someone who has a heart as big as the world to have to suffer deep down inside.

I am in a financial hardship myself and want nothing more to than to assist him financial but unable to do so. This is why I am seeking the help of anyone who has been blessed to help pass along a blessing.

I would like to thank anyone who has read this proposal and have compassion for what my dear friend is going through.



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