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Ainsley's Angels of America is super excited to be spreading awareness through activism and to celebration!  Enjoy this very special note from Gadiel's mom.

  The Impact

 On October 1, 2004, I welcomed a very special little boy into this world and named him Eduardo Gadiel Romero. Gadiel was born with Tetrasomy18p, a condition that affects 1 in 625,000 births a year. In the first four years of his life, Gadiel underwent over seven surgeries to correct the shape of his head and feet. As he continues to develop, he deals with multiple symptoms due to his seizure disorder and developmental delay. As a single mother, I struggled to find balance with my education, career, and motherhood to a special needs child so I used running as a source to relieve stress and cope with emotional pressures.  

Because Gadiel is significantly limited in communication and attention span, it is quite difficult to understand his likes and dislikes. My motherly instincts tell me he enjoys going to a big screen theater versus watching television at home. Rare indeed today, modern toys and technology are of no use because he prefers banging spoons on the floor as his personal entertainment. So I am often left wondering as the fight ensues in taking away that spoon, what can I do to have Gadiel lead a more inclusive lifestyle? In this journey, I want us to have a significant bonding experience that distracts us from the daily worries all his medical condition entails. A native of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, I am aware of the limited options we have in our home town, and there is simply so much bonding we can do in our 4 to 5 hour drives up state for his specialized medical appointments. So in 2013, when the opportunity arose to take him to the Electric Run in Austin, Texas (5 hours away from our home), all that came to mind was to decorate the wheelchair, walk the course, and have Gadiel enjoy the light show. However, with hundreds of people around us and 100 yards into the race, I noticed his excitement as runners were flying by next to us. It wasn’t until he turned and looked directly at me, as though we could read each other's mind that I asked, "Do you want to go faster, handsome? Okay, let's just pray this wheelchair doesn't collapse." He was overjoyed! This was the first time I felt extremely confident I was doing something right for my son. So began our running journey for Team Gadiel. A year later, I learned Gadiel’s research organization, Chromosome 18, had teamed up with the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon series, so Team Gadiel signed up every year thereafter to raise awareness for his rare condition. As a duo in 2015, we completed our first half-marathon in 2:43:43 using his personal medical wheelchair. This year with the loving support of Ainsley’s Angels and their ambassadorship in San Antonio, Team Gadiel has been training to complete the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Antonio Full Marathon in December 2017.  

We love and enjoy our current Freedom Chair! Recently, we broke our duo Personal Record on a Half-Marathon by a landslide – 2:17! But, while in training season, specifically past the 13 mile mark, we significantly do better physically and emotionally with the ease and comfort of a performance Team Hoyt Chariot. Our friends and family have gathered to support our journey to purchase one of our own and we seek the support and help from our global running community to help make this dream possible. Whatever challenges and obstacles we face in this journey, I am here to be Gadiel’s angel for as long as I am able. I cannot change how my son was born into this world, but I can help change the world for my son.  

Click the pink button in the upper right of this page or email: for a link to make a donation using PayPal and/or for a mailing address should you prefer to donate by check. We will ensure all donations appear on this page as off-line donations and any funds that exceed the goal, will go to aid in execution of the Ainsley's Angels of America mission! 

Another way to help, is to spread our message and efforts: 

1. Visit to purchase the children’s book, Born an Angel, written by Ainsley’s then 11-year old sister and donate it to a local elementary school library! 

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