Free Cycles Missoula

Free Cycles Missoula
Free Cycles Missoula
GoFundMe Charity FEATURED : Feb 29, 2016
Tax ID: 20-5967694
BASED: Missoula, MT, United States

Our Mission

Free Cycles Missoula: Creating transportation systems that are safe, equitable, and environmentally sound.

Our work seeks to create a healthy community through a wide range of strategies. Ultimately, the goal of Free Cycles is to help Missoula, Montana transition to a more sustainable transportation system while simultaneously setting a strong example for other places. Through our programs we hope to help individuals we work with to be
active stewards of the community with an emphasis on social and environmental justice. We work towards this mission through education, empowerment, and engagement.

Our education programs strive to give people the knowledge to maintain their bicycle independently, use it safely, and eventually share their skills with others.

By increasing the accessibility of human powered transportation, we seek to to directly empower individuals from all walks of life with the ability to move themselves.

Our projects focus on community engagement to facilitate a sense of collective responsibility, a strong sense of place, and human connectivity.

Tax ID: 20-5967694

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Growing a Bicycle Movement in Missoula, Montana


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