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Franklin Township Food Bank

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

www.franklinfoodbank.org Tax ID 22-2406472


The Franklin Food Bank is a food pantry on steroids!!! We are neighbors helping neighbors, serving the food needs of Franklin Township residents in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We have been serving the community since 1975 and have grown exponentially over the past 40 years from one small room in a church feeding just a few families every year to serving almost 2,000 families every year! 

In a lot of ways, the Franklin Food Bank is a uniquely accessible food bank for people in need. We provide services at NO cost for residents of the township and we are open 5 days a week! We even have Thursday evening and Saturday morning hours for working families. We are well positioned in the community to provide services unlike other food pantries because of our open hours, client choice service style, well stocked Market, and incredible - and plentiful - volunteers. 

No one is turned away at the Franklin Food Bank. If a person is in need, we serve them and refer them using our directory of food pantries in their service area. We serve them as a participant in our Bread and Produce program, where non-clients are given bread, produce, and other items based on availability. 

We have been feeding families for 40 years and we are so proud of the work we do but it does not go unnoticed that the support from our community is THE reason we have had so much success. All support given to the food bank feeds children, families, seniors, veterans, and adults in need. For every dollar donated, we can give out two meals.