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Franklin-Bingham Farms Benevolent Fund

Police Benevolent Fund

Tax ID 85-2524308


The Franklin – Bingham Farms Police Benevolent Fund was established  to address the unmet financial needs of Police Officers and other  public safety professionals who have been stricken by injury or loss of  life.  The creation of the Benevolent Fund was inspired by recent  injuries to Police Officers who were off-duty at the time of their  tragedy, and they were subsequently unable to meet their personal  financial obligations due to the lapse of their governmental salaries.   Tragically, several years ago the department also lost a police officer  due to sudden illness, and he left behind a young family that needed  financial support from the community.  The Benevolent Fund was  established largely to address issues like those two examples, but the  Fund also has the potential to support public safety employees in other  ways,  to wit:   Scholarships for the children of departmental  employees, life insurance policies, and wills and trust preparation for  Police Officers and staff.  There may be other ways to meet the unmet  financial needs of Police Officers and other deserving public safety  personnel, but they have yet to be determined.

In  order to provide financial support as outlined above, voluntary  donations will be sought from residents and business leaders in the  area.  In fact, several residents have already voluntarily pledged to  support the fund.  In the future, the Benevolent Fund may conduct  charity events to raise money, should voluntary donations not provide  enough financial support to the Fund.  Charity events may include formal  Police Officer/community balls or social gatherings, golf outings,  raffles, and the sale of Benevolent Fund merchandise.  The Board of  Directors for the Fund is also planning to develop and maintain a social  media presence on Facebook and other similar sites, in order to  highlight the current financial needs of public safety employees in our  geographic area.

All work done by  the members of the Benevolent Fund will be on a voluntary basis, and  none of the Directors will be paid for their services.  All of the  Directors will manage the Benevolent Fund on their own time, outside of  their official duties and responsibilities.  It is the intent of the  Board to have the majority of the funds raised support the unmet  financial needs Police Officers and other public safety personnel as  outlined above, with almost no exceptions.  The initial expenses  associated with operating the fund include legal fees, insurance costs,  and printing/publication expenses for literature and stationary  associated with the Fund.

Benevolent Fund Board of Directors:

Mr. Dan Roberts,


Chief of Police

Mr. Fred Goldberg,

Vice President

Franklin Resident

Mr. Mike Bastianelli,


Police Lieutenant

Mr. Andy Jacob,


Franklin Resident

Dr. Robert Stein,


Franklin Resident

Mr. Justin Wells,


Police Officer, Union Representative