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Frank Lewis Glick Post NO. 46 The American Legion

Veteran Fraternal Organization & Golf Course


Marshalltown Iowa's Frank Lewis Glick Post 46 American Legion was just starting to recover from the lost revenue caused by the Covid shut down when the 106mph winds of the derecho swept through town and damaged or destroyed over 200 trees on our American Legion Memorial Golf Course. The Pro Shop, Cart Barns, Golf Carts, a Shelter on the course, a Bathroom on the course, the Park Pavilion, and Post Home Building  also all suffered damage.  After the derecho we are again shut down with no revenue coming in and were told by our INSURANCE COMPANY  that they WILL ONLY COVER MINIMAL TREE DAMAGE except for a few that fell on structures. The lowest bid we received from a professional tree company for clearing the course is $65,000.00. As any golfer knows, the trees make the course and we are now faced with the daunting task of clearing the course ourselves. The American Legion has been a fixture in Marshalltown since 1919 and is not just a golf course and Veteran's Organization but a gathering place for people from the community, Veteran or not, that consider it "their place." Please help us restore "our place."