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Foxg1 Research Foundation

Accelerating Research to find a cure for FOXG1 Syndrome and Related Brain Disorders.

www.foxg1research.org Tax ID 82-5300929


We will fund the world's leading scientists that are integral along our Path to a Cure for all children with FOXG1 syndrome. We will continue to apply our research to solve all related brain disorders. FOXG1 is the super hero "master regulator" gene that could save millions of children with various brain disorders. We will not stop until every stone is unturned.   

We are dedicated to:

Finding a cure for ALL children with FOXG1 syndrome in the world (all ages, all mutation types, all geographies).

Providing equal access to a cure for ALL children with FOXG1 syndrome in the world.

Continuing to uncover the links between FOXG1 and related brain disorders in order to solve these brain disorders affecting millions of children/people.

How will we do this? We will:

Invest in research

Fundraise to invest in research

Maintain a clear strategic roadmap to a cure

Strive to be within the top 1% of patient advocacy groups vying for biotech investment, like RETT Syndrome Research Trust, Grace Wilsey Foundation, and CureDuchenne

Lobby the best scientists in the world to work on FOXG1, keep constant contact with biotechnology companies focused on CNS disorders

Maintain the highest standards of fiscal responsibility

Maintain efficiency and integrity

Collaborate with foundations, scientists, professionals, biotechs, philanthropists, and parents across the globe