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The Fountain of Man

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My name is Larkin Chollar and I would like to share with you the origin of my desire to create "The Fountain”. In the spring of 1971 after meeting a profound spiritual challenge, I walked out of the town where I grew up and put my thumb out with just the clothes on my back. Getting in the warm backseat of a car I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Suddenly I was having one of the most remarkable experiences of my life, a vision. It was totally complete and viewable from any direction.The vision was of the earth represented as a huge bowl......I saw in the center a large column of people flowing up in the air forming a God-like Being holding his arms out in profound beneficent offering. The bowl formed a large circular arena for life to express itself. On the outer periphery of the bowl there were people absently gazing off the edge, milling about or lolling in relaxation. In general on the outer edge they all just seemed to be separate, unquestioning, and asleep. Then in the next area towards the center there were people living, helping each other, building, growing food...being human on Earth. Family scenes, mothers nursing babies, lovers embracing, farmers farming. As I looked towards the center there seemed to be a transition...the next area in had groups of people sitting down in each of the four directions. In each group, farthest from the center, but looking in-ward there was a standing person, teaching.. Now I noticed that those nearest to the center were beginning to curiously look over their shoulders towards the center for them selves...only to see that others have risen from the group and are walking inward with looks of joy and a feeling of strength. As they come together in celebration and recognition, they begin to spiral up in the air. The bodies spiral around, around and up and up begin to form beautiful faces and then they are spiraling yet further upward in Oneness toward the two powerful male and female faces on the chest of the OverSoul figure who seems to hold such love and compassion with arms coursed with veins and the hands are of great strength and sensitivity. The face amazed me with kindness, depth and peaceful power. The face seemed to depict so many virtues. When seen from the front there was open outward pouring love and kindness. The left side showed a powerful estheticism that seemed to be looking just as strongly within. Beneficent is the word that comes closest to the feeling. Vast love that holds no pain or angst but is simply Love radiating.
I could see that I was being shown that there is no hierarchy. It looks like there is evolution moving toward the center but the vision was saying...Oneness is ALL of life. All of my life I have kept working as a sculptor always just wanting to work and work just to get better so I could create The Fountain. I feel that I am waking up...over and over in layers of awakening and mirrors of realization. As it is said, We are the ones we have been waiting for. If you explore the photos of sculpture and painting at www.powerofnow.org you will find just a small fraction of the work I have done. I am committed to sculpting The Fountain! I have just turned sixty and must begin to answer the call to create this vision. I believe that I am not "late" but that this is the time that my Soul has planned for the fruition of a life of developing my skill and the virtue that can flow from my hands into the hearts of those who receive the vision.
I am looking for people who share the vision of Oneness of all Being and Spirit I feel moved to help bring this transcendental model of Oneness to the planet. Thank you for any help you may be inspired to offer. Perhaps you are in the Soul Group that this vision is a part of and it is right now resonating within you as a step on your path.



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