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Found International

Providing safe homes and families for at-risk children with no chance to be fostered or adopted - where the lost are FOUND

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State-run protective housing in Bulgaria does not have enough funding or staff to properly raise children who have no chance of being accepted in a foster family or be adopted. THe majority of these children are of Roma (gypsy) ethnicity and fall victim to bullying and abuse in schools, neighborhoods and even inside their own state-run housing. The lack of funds also means malnutrition runs rampant among many of the shelters.

With no support, education or training, many of these child*ren do not finish school and are at high risk to fall victims to human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Europe and around the world. Bulgaria is one of the largest high-risk countries in Europe for human trafficking.


There is an African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child, meaning an entire community of people must interact withchildren for those children to experience and grow in  a safe and healthy environment. FOUND International sees that village starting with a home in Bulgaria where love and acceptance is a child's daily encounter. Where a child can spend their entire childhood and adolescence in one home. Where they can receive support to obtain a proper education and life skilss and get help to transition into adulthood. Where a child can understand they were born for a purpose and that they have something to offer the world. That they not only have a chance to be restored but have an opportunity to be of service to restore others. Ultimately, that they can live a life of wholeness, beauty, and purpose.