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American Academy Of Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

Supporting research to improve quality of life for individuals with disability



According to the CDC, one in four people in the US are living with a disability. The Foundation for PM&R is committed to advancing the science of PM&R, a medical specialty committed to helping people with physical disabilities recover function and improve their quality of life.  By funding research and promoting knowledge translation (applying research findings to patient care), the Foundation helps these doctors discover the best treatments for people who have suffered a disabling condition such as stroke, a serious brain or spinal cord injury, or have lost function through a degenerative neuromuscular disease like cerebral palsy or ALS.  Through physiatric intervention, people with disabilities can maximize their ability to live independently and function in the activities of daily living, improving their quality of life and allowing them to participate fully in family, work and community. Our support of physiatric research gives bright new investigators the start that they need to launch a research career, and provides vital pilot funding for proven investigators to pursue a new line of research or obtain grants to pursue larger-scale research projects. Foundation-funded research has let to hundreds of published articles and medical presentations that educate physicians on the best care for individuals with disability, as well as six times as much funding for physiatric research.