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Foundation 99

We provide economic security for the 99%

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For the most vulnerable individuals and families living in poverty, decades of financial exclusion and opportunistic tactics by predatory lenders, as well as “well-meaning” systems have resulted in an expansive racial divide in financial access, security, and understanding. Foundation 99 is on a mission to help individuals break free from a cycle of poverty and achieve financial freedom.

Today more than ever, low-income communities are the defenseless targets of corporations and predatory lenders that push payday loans, title loans, and rent-to-own furniture contracts on the most vulnerable. Without financial education, low-income households are at a greater disadvantage when it comes to translating their income into savings and investable assets that appreciate over time.

While all Americans can suffer from financial adversity, research shows that the lack of financial inclusion for Blacks and Hispanics exists at every level of the financial system. From unequal access to education, lending, banking, and housing, low-income households from these minority groups continue to spiral down faster and harder in times of struggle. Digging out of a financial hole is nearly impossible with the limited availability of financial services and education.

Having access and opportunity to improve their economic status is necessary to break this cycle of poverty and close the racial wealth gap so these groups can keep more money in their pockets, and get their chance at the American Dream.

Your donations and support will go towards Foundation 99 providing the following resources at no cost:

• Personal coaching sessions with professional financial advisors

● Group workshops (in-person and virtual)

● Financial literacy programs for low-income communities

● Resources for unbanked individuals

● Access to online budgeting tools and calculators

● Monthly financial wellness courses

● … and more

Donations to Foundation 99 work to close the ethnic and racial divide of economic inequality. Every donation creates opportunities.

We welcome your individual donations, but also ask you to think about the exponential power of a group to take your support a step further. Please consider creating a fundraiser of your own on GoFundMe Charity and bring financial literacy to your community.


About Us

Foundation 99 is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to bringing financial change in communities across the US. We are working to fight financial stress and provide economic justice by improving financial literacy one household at a time. We do this by partnering with school districts, corporations, and nonprofits to deliver financial guidance and education at no cost to the organization or their individual employees.

Our Vision:

Every working person in the United States has the support they need to make the best financial decisions possible to support themselves and those they care for so that their families and their communities are healthier and more secure.

Our Mission:

We are a nonprofit organization focusing on economic justice for every community by providing quality financial guidance and equitable access to economic solutions for every employee who wants it.