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Foundation For Energy Therapies Inc

Integrative Mental Health for You, IMHU, is an online learning center offering 30+ courses through outstanding faculty. IMHU teaches effective and innovative ways of diagnosis and treatment. We specialize in offering support for people who are integrating intense spiritual experiences, aka spiritual emergency, via courses and a Directory of Spiritual Emergence Coaches.

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IMHU contributes to improving mental healthcare through online and live educational presentations and certifications for wellness seekers and healthcare providers.  We are pro-information and pro-evidence-based, effective alternatives to a "one size fits all" standard practice that is quick to rely on  psychiatric medications.  We  encourage both consumers and healthcare providers to learn about the full range of effective options including spiritual practices through study, fellowship, volunteer work,  prayer and meditation.   We recognize that at times some individuals  need special assistance for “spiritual emergency” (a psycho-spiritual crisis that includes powerful spiritual experiences)–not to be confused with “illness”.  We certify "Spiritual Emergence Coaches®"  and maintain an online international Directory of Spiritual Emergence Coaches®.  We welcome people of all spiritual and religious traditions (or none at all).  We offer Continuing Education Credits for healthcare providers.