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For Hanks Sake

For Hank's Sake is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a cause born of the urge to heal and rescue unloved and neglected horses.

www.forhankssake.org Tax ID 82-3739863



For Hank’s Sake is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and retraining neglected and abused horses so that they have an opportunity to experience the joy of safe, compassionate, trusting relationships with their caretakers and members of the communities that we serve.

We play a role in raising awareness of the need to actively identify and care for these horses, and – as a way to give back to the community – we connect with other organizations to involve underprivileged children and at-risk youth with the care of rehabilitated horses so that, by interacting with these majestic, gentle animals, their self-esteem can be restored and their self-confidence strengthened.

Our affiliation with Equinox Stables, LLC allows us to accomplish our mission in a professional environment appropriate for top-rate equestrian care.  Our entire team is dedicated to maintaining an environment of devotion, trust, honesty, commitment, and a steadfast allegiance to our mission and  vision    


We envision that we will one day live in world where animal abuse and neglect will no longer be tolerated in our society; that our rehabilitated horses will continue to add precious value to our communities; and that our model of animal care will serve as a benchmark of global excellence.


The values that guide our organization have been inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:13.

‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’

▪ Love – Love is at the core of our mission and vision. It is the strength from which our service flows. It is the heartbeat that propels our dedication and devotion to helping at-risk horses and disadvantaged children. We serve with unqualified compassion, humility, and deep gratitude for the privilege of ‘helping our horses help others.’ Every day, we are fueled by the power of love. “Love reigns here” is more than a slogan. It is our ‘north star’ by which we stay focused on serving the horses in our care, our communities, and all who enter our Stables.

▪ Respect – We hold a deep respect for the soul of every horse we rescue, rehabilitate, and retrain.  We honor them, restore their faith in mankind, and nurture their innate gifts.

▪ Kindness – Because they have led lives of suffering, cruelty and neglect, we treat our rescue horses with utmost compassion and kindness every minute of every day.

▪ Empowerment – We work hard to reverse the psychological, emotional, and physical damage done to each horse to that they can begin to have faith in their own abilities. We celebrate their milestone achievements, take delight in their daily learnings, and revel in their many accomplishments.

▪ Partnership – We work with like minded individuals and organizations to identify horses that may be treated with neglect or cruelty and share resources so that no abused horse is left behind.

▪ Leadership – We take a leadership role in the community and explore creative ways to advocate for and be the voice for all horses suffering from abuse and neglect.

▪ Community – We are deeply involved in the community and have developed programs using our horses to involve underprivileged children, at-risk youth, and children and families in underserved populations. Studies have verified that Equine Assisted Learning can help individuals build confidence, self- efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, and impulse control. Children and horses both benefit from these extraordinary relationships.