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Forgive to Give Yoga Approach


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August 28, 2011

Forgiving is to give yourself a chance. Yogi Bhajan  See more



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What a better time than the Holiday Season to heal and have an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for all that you went through to be where you are at NOW! Being grateful for the GIFT that is your BREATH.

Now please allow yourself to take a DEEP BREATH and consciously become aware of what you need to let go and forgive. Healing your past one breath at a time. Maybe take a piece of paper and write your thoughts down.

Start with yourself. What is it that you would like to let go of and HEAL? Know that whatever happened, you did your BEST. Be grateful for the lessons learnt and the growth it brought to you that make the person you are now. By having an attitude of gratitude you will be able to count the blessings instead of only remembering the stings. And let’s face it; there is not much you can do to change it so releasing it is your best step forward. If you focus on the present moment, you’ll be able to tap into your inner strength and creativity to move forward and make a difference in your life, the life of your loved ones and in the world.
GIVE yourself this chance to be HAPPY and SMILE again! You deserve it. HAPPINESS is your birthright! Allow it to happen in your life for you have only one!
Do NOT underestimate your power and responsibility. Set yourself FREE from the pain and hurt of the past and decide to walk with your HEART open with love, compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

Remembering that the other person is you start to forgive those that have hurt you. Maybe there are things that you are not yet ready to forgive, so don’t start there. Start with the person or thing that right now is renting out too much space in your head.
Ask yourself. HOW LONG AGO THIS HAPPENED? Yes the answer is TOO LONG!
Release it NOW. Take a breath, LET IT GO and SMILE! Move the energy forward. Don’t stay stuck in the PAST!

Let’s get bored with our PAST, it’s OVER and get BUSY creating our FUTURE, it’s ahead of us!

Now that you have experienced the power of forgiveness you might feel like everyone should have that chance! You can make a donation so we can keep raising awareness on the importance of Forgiveness through our Forgive to Give Golden Chain of Teachers that will offer yoga classes facilitating this healing journey we are all on.
Remember that the other person is you so they better do their forgiveness work too!



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