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For Fox Sake Sanctuary

A sanctuary for second chances

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For Fox Sake Sanctuary 501(C)3 Non-Profit based in Pennsylvania, USA

(Not a breeder)

With fur farms thriving in 23 states, our mission is to give foxes and other animals a second chance at life and to provide a space for compassion and education to come together.

We will give sanction to foxes born in captivity as well as other fur farm animals. Eventually we would also like to work with slaughter house rescues. I have done all the paperwork to get started; 501(c)3, Inc, business account, website, social media (forfoxsakesanctuary) and now i am reaching out to ask for help with the financial aspects that i am having trouble with.

To tell you more about the sanctuary itself I'd like to start by saying I have put countless hours into this project as well as working with animals throughout my life. I've put together a team of like minded individuals to see this through. For the animals, I want to give them 1/2 acre or more depending on the kind of animal and their needs. Foxes get a 150 sq foot outdoor enclosure if the are outdoor foxes plus the 1/2 acre or more. The reason for the larger enclosure is that I want to make sure they have separate spaces for their needs and to set up hammocks to sit in with them when they are not in the shared fox yard. Up to three enclosures per yard or less depending on the amount of land we are able to purchase. We will be avoiding crowding the animals to give them as much freedom as possible. Fur farm animals cannot be set free since they are breed to be larger, with thicker coats, and special colors. They are all descendants of foxes brought from Canada over 150 years ago. These colors and sizes are not typically found in nature with very few exceptions and even those foxes are too large with very thick coats. They will not survive.

I also heavily believe in helping animals in slaughter houses especially full families if possible. So many pregnant animals end up in these slaughter houses. I would like to give them a safe space to live their days together. I would also like to have many acres to rescue horses so they may run free for the rest of their days. I have found someone happy to take care of the horses regularly and can even live on the land.

We would like to grow our own vegetables and fruits all year long so eventually a greenhouse is necessary. The meats for the animals who need them will come from a local butcher so they are safe and fresh. I want to provide the healthiest life I can for these amazing animals.

I will be living on the land with the animals giving them all of my attention. We will also allow volunteers to come in, and stay if they would like, to learn and to help.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sasha Moon (Founder/President)