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Forever Love Rescue Inc

Meet the Cats of Gettysburg and the volunteers that care for themat our Kitty Corner 39 Queen St in Gettysburg PA.

http://foreverloverescue.com Tax ID 46-2042251


Forever Love Rescue is a small group of thoughtful, committed  citizens who hope to do all that we can to change the world for as many  homeless pets as we can.  We also strive to prevent the unnecessary  births that will only continue to create a larger population of homeless  pets in our communities.  Through spaying and neutering of all adopted  pets, as well as trap-neuter-return of homeless cats, we work towards  that goal every chance we get.  Educating the public is key in bringing  an end to homeless pet overpopulation.  Please join us in our mission  when and where you can!  Everyone can find a way to help!