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Forever 21 Fallen in His Twenties Long Live Gerrik Foundation

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Hi my name is Demicha Lofton-Thomas. I want to thank you in advance for taking the time out to read my letter.
January 25, 2019 it will be 4 years since my 21 year old son Gerrik Thomas murdered 3 minutes after getting off the phone with me and being dropped off the gurney by the Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics shattering his skull. GOD shook me up that year and I created an organization called FOREVER TWENTY-ONE FALLEN IN HIS TWENTIES LONG LIVE GERRIK FOUNDATION and I give back to the kids in the community. I felt I was robbed when my son was murdered so by me giving back to the kids it made me realize where my passion, my heart and my calling was. This upcoming Monday December 23rd 2019 2pm - 6pm at the WLCAC 10950 S. Central Ave Los Angeles, CA 90059 we will host the LONG LIVE GERRIK WINTER WONDERLAND IV. We will be bringing the Snow, Dynasty the Clown, Santa & Mrs. Claus, Game truck, Jumpers, Games, Toys, food, coats and plenty of fun for ages 0 - 16 years old. In the midst of my storm of losing my son, my sanity/mind, my marriage, my granny and aunt in 6 days where I got the chance to rebury my son (I got to carry him this time to his finally resting place because 3 people couldn't fit into 2 crypts and finally being pushed out my own way by my spiritual guides (GOD) to walk in my path. He wasn't finished shaking me up. I say all the time "ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY & I'M A MASTER PIECE INTHE MAKING". Today I van say my son being murdered was a BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Thank you in advance again for taking the time to read my request because this wasn't the typical 1 family request. I am truly thankful and grateful. #LONGLIVEGERRIK DONATIONS