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Food for People Golf Walk 2011

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September 28, 2011

The Food for People Program is such a great charity. The Food for People Golf Walk is a fun way to raise money. $10 can help so much.  See more



EVENT DATE: Oct 15, 2011

Nancy Camp



This website was created to introduce you to The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) and give you a chance to support our little effort on behalf of its Food for People program.

Too many words for you to read?
Click here and then scroll down to watch a new 12 minute video entitled "Flame of Hope", which chronicals the results of the first four years of TPRF's Food for People program. If you like it, come back, see what we are doing and learn how you can donate and be a part of it.

So many people around the world, especially children, find themselves with little food or water or shelter and no real hope of a better life.  In 2004, while traveling near Bantoli in Northern India, Prem Rawat was touched by the malnutrition of the children he saw there and decided he wanted to help. Working with village and tribal elders to determine the best plan to restore the health and culture of the people of that region, the first Food for People Project has been demonstrating a simple and effective way to break the cycle of poverty and bring, not just hope, but dignity and the promise of a better life back to adults and children alike. There is now a second project in Nepal creating similar results and another scheduled to open soon in Ghana.

In 2009 a few friends got together and, with no prior experience, created the First Annual Golf Tournament and Dinner Benefit at Bear's Best Golf Course in Suwanee, Georgia as a fun way to raise a little money to help the Food for People program. We even created a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit called so all donations could be tax deductible. Thank you again to everyone who has helped us raise more than $10,000 over the last two years.

We wanted to do more, give more people a chance to participate. Since Bear’s Best Golf Course has been kind enough to allow us to have as many non-golfers as we want walk along with our tournament golfers this year ....
Voila, presto ...drum roll please... behold

THE 2011 FOOD FOR PEOPLE GOLF WALK - “Have a little fun do a little good”

Four people from this year’s golf tournament organizing team (Blake Brewster, Larry Sutton, Jeff Camp and Dave Sweet) are DITCHING THE CART AND WALKING ALL 18 HOLES of the tournament!

You’re right, it's not 60 miles in three days. (I’m in awe of those breast cancer walkers, by the way! My wife’s big sister just gets up off the couch and does it. Six years in a row. No training, nothing.) The Golf Walk is not life threatening but it is an effort and it will be fun. Fun is important.  Actually, it's about 5 miles up and down some hills and it will take about 5 hours because every once in a while we'll stop to swing our not very heavy golf clubs and then laugh, cheer or @#%&.
Everyone is invited to come and walk along with us! Go where few non-golfers have gone before. See for yourself what actually takes place deep in the heart of a world class golf course. If you live close, join the team, come walk with us and gather sponsors of your own. If you can't walk, please join the team by donating and letting your friends know about the walk to give them a chance to support our effort with a small donation too.  At this time we can only accept contributions of $10 to $1,000,000.

No, really, make it easy on yourself: $10 will be just fine. Know that $17 helps feed a child for a month. If everyone who sees this wants to contribute $10, we'll be amazed at how far a lot of “littles” can go. Give as much as you can but know that all donations as appreciated and worthwhile.  (Psst, if you are a little shy about donating what you think is "only" $10, you can donate anonymously)

Click DONATE and help support our cause online.

Click JOIN THE TEAM and help us by giving your friends a chance to participate.

To walk, play golf and/or attend the dinner click:


**The Prem Rawat Foundation is a registered nonprofit public foundation in the State of California created in 2001. All tax returns are available for viewing online at     


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