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Food of God for the People of God

Help stop hunger in Oakland!

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Food of God (FOG), a nonprofit feeding charity in Oakland, CA

FOG is a non-denominational feeding charity. We serve almost 4,000 meals a year to a growing, diverse population coming from all racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Every Thursday we serve a free, hot meal in a public park in downtown Oakland. Our feeding location at 21st and San Pablo is targeted to draw the attention of those living in the encampments nearby, those frequenting the General Assistance Building, the Veterans Building, local senior housing residents, and nearby SR (single room) occupants. FOG's critical street presence in this blighted area raises the consciousness of the general public about the dire and wide-spread problem of poverty, malnutrition, and urban hunger.

FOG is a 'nutrition' champion agency of the Alameda County Community Food Bank. We serve vegan meals that are nutritious and high in protein. We purchase, prepare, and serve our healthy meal to all who come to our tables. Although we receive basic food supplies from the local food bank, FOG tries to supplement every meal with a rich mixture of beans (red kidney, cannellini, pinto, etc.) and organic brown rice. Our side vegetables are freshly prepared and our mixed salad is brimming with vitamins for good nutrition. Whole grain bread and fresh fruit are served as well.  Every dollar given is redirected to purchasing food products, paper products, and kitchen equipment. Minimal expense is allotted to anything other than the basics! We are volunteer driven. Your dollar counts! Thank you!