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Nourishing Siouxland's Needy.

https://siouxlandfoodbank.org/ Tax ID 42-1381516


The Food Banks remains committed to serve community charities in Siouxland with feeding programs to nourish the needy, the ill, and children. As a warehouse, we are able to leverage our resources to supply food and other essentials to approximately 100 member agencies in eleven counties in the Siouxland area. These agencies are spread across our region — in Iowa:  Woodbury, Ida, Monona, Crawford, Plymouth, Cherokee, Sioux, and Lyon counties; and in Nebraska: Dakota, Thurston, and Burt counties.

In addition to serving agencies who directly serve those in need through our warehouse program, the Food Bank of Siouxland also has two initiatives with direct service programs – Rural Hunger Initiative and Child Hunger Initiative.

Rural Hunger Initiative Direct Service Program: Eliminating the barriers of location & transportation.

  • Mobile Pantry Program: Food for All
    Mission: alleviate hunger among Siouxland counties that are underserved. The Mobile Pantry Program is our outreach program to bring food to our more rural communities, eliminating the barriers of location and transportation.

Child Hunger Initiative Direct Service Programs: Serving the 1 in 5 kids at risk for hunger in Siouxland

  • BackPack Program: Food for Kids
    Mission: alleviate hunger among low-income children in the Siouxland area. The BackPack Program is designed to assemble food sacks and distribute them to chronically hungry children to help alleviate their hunger over the weekend when school meals are not available.
  • Mobile School Program: Food for Families
    The Mobile School Program was created in 2017 in response to the need to provide more and better access to nutritious foods for students to help them grow and thrive, thereby furthering their learning. Located on school grounds, this Mobile provides a more readily accessible source of food assistance to insecure students and their families.
  • School Pantry
    School pantries are located inside the school building allowing students to access needed foods during the school day and by appointment after school. By continuing to work on the nutrition available to the whole family, we are providing a safe, supportive way to help students and their families through crisis, which in turn helps the child become more successful in school.