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Friends of Koh Rong/ Educating an Island!

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EVENT DATE: Apr 13, 2015

Tess Arnold


Eliza Arnold wrote -

For the 2015 International Friends of Koh Rong Campaign, I challenge ALL Friends of Koh Rong to raise $2000 in an effort to implement a sustainable teaching training program!

This program is integral to achieve our vision of becoming a fully Khmer-run organization providing outreach to all willing students across the Koh Rong archipalego. 

To reach that goal, we need all hands on deck! … This is where you come in:

> Donate - Give up today's latte and donate $5 to the cause

> Host an Event in May - We provide the tools...  Contact fundraising@friendsofkohrong.org for more information

> Attend an Event - Check back in May for event listings

> Check Out our Work

> Spread the Word - Share our page with your friends, email it, tweet it, pin it. Whatever you can to help spread the word - let's all come together to EDUCATE AN ISLAND!



As many of you may remember last year, we held International FoKR month with events in 8+ countries around the world! The money raised helped us (1) hire 2 full time Khmer staff including our new Program Director, Bun Te, (2) begin outreach to other villages on Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem, (3) implement a school library, and (4) apply for Cambodian NGO registration… all while providing FREE english and capacity development classes to all willing students in Koh Tui village. 

The collaborative effort was so successful that we decided to do it again… bigger and better! 

Located two hours off the coast of mainland Cambodia, Koh Rong and it’s neighbouring islands were for many years considered to be a hidden gem. Now firmly part of the backpacker trail around South-East Asia, Koh Rong is set for major development, with the Cambodian Government having granted a 99 year lease over much of the island to a conglomerate. 

We seek to help our beneficiaries to adapt and benefit from these changes through education and sustainable community development. We offer a range of English classes, completely free of charge, across all age levels and abilities. We firmly believe in the power of education, and also offer Computer lessons, Art, Dance, Music and Environmental classes to children, to help engender a love of learning and encourage attendance to class. Additionally, we seek to improve the livelihoods of our beneficiaries, through vocational training.

Since we first started back in 2013 with little more than pencils and notebooks teaching lessons in a makeshift classroom on a pier, FoKR has grown in leaps and bounds. At the core of our mission is English education, as the ability to use English has a very real and immediate impact on a person’s ability to earn a living wage. The introduction of computer classes has further strengthened our commitment to helping people educate themselves, and create a better future for themselves.

We work directly with the community, employing local teachers to act as role models and educators in their own community. We also strive to improve the community through improving infrastructure, creating environmental awareness, giving children the opportunity to express their creativity, and improving access to healthcare and good nutrition. Working with local and government partners, we also provide community workshops, educating in areas as diverse as fire prevention and safe food handling practices. Friends of Koh Rong also seeks to improve community infrastructure, creating a stronger and more sustainable community for all.Moving forward, FoKR is looking to expand our programs to give even more local people the opportunity to build a better future.

To see some of our work in action, have a look through our photos., or check out our website.

Koh Rong is home to 78 square km of pristine marine wilderness, including 28 white sand beaches, breathtaking vistas, and an extensive range of flora and fauna.

It’s also home to over 2,000 residents in four villages, almost all of which lack access to plumbing, electricity and passable roads. Residents must also cope with dramatic, daily changes in their culture and way of life due to a booming tourism industry. And while it’s creating job opportunities, most locals lack the most basic skill needed to fulfill them: literacy.

As development increases, villagers will have access to higher paying jobs and, in turn, an improved way of life. But they’ll have no access to any of that without an English education. The vast majority of students at Koh Tui School are illiterate in both their native language, Khmer, and English. With your donations, we plan to raise the literacy rate by at least 15% per year.

By providing quality employment and training opporunities to locals, we are promoting local capacity development and continuing our vision to becoming a fully locally-run organiation. 

That’s where your generous donations come in.

First and foremost, the priority right now is hiring a new local Khmer to fill our Outreach and Development Manager position. This individual will identify teacher trainees and provide outreach to local villages. Funds raised beyond what is needed for this new position, will go to support wages for part time teachers, professional development opportunities for our local staff, and outreach to local villages (in the form of teacher training workshops).

The Outreach and Development Manager's salary of $3,600 includes: Salary ($200/month) + Food/Accom ($50/month) + Professional Development ($50/month).

Any donation, no matter how small, will go towards giving a Cambodian local an education they so desperately need and, in turn, a better life they so greatly deserve. A less-wordy answer? YES

Although there is no tax credit, as this project is operating overseas, look at this as an opportunity to donate with NO worries of overhead costs. 100% of the funds are directed towards the local community. All foreign staff work on a voluntary basis and pay their own expenses.

ANY amount will help. A single dollar stretches far in Cambodia. Aside from that, we rely heavily on word of mouth. And by mouth... we mean Facebook. So share our page with your friends, email it, tweet it, pin it. Whatever you can to help spread the word - let's all come together to EDUCATE AN ISLAND!

Contact fundraising@friendsofkohrong.org for more information. We’re excited to hear from you. Or better yet, to see you.

To see some of our work in action, check out our facebook page:

"On our first day we were handed two used whiteboard markers, a Khmer-English dictionary, a ruler, and five pencils - for a class of thirty children. Since that day we have been hard at work not only teaching, but also designing a systematic curriculum that is sustainable and can be transported to other villages on the island, (where there is currently no formal system of English education)." - Kelly Beker

Thank you for understanding and helping EDUCATE AN ISLAND!



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