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Focus Hispanic Center for Community Development Inc

Our mission is to provide community leadership by developing a variety of services of health and human development initiatives which advances the community towards self sufficiency, growth, empowerment, and a better quality of life.

www.focus411.org Tax ID 22-1839206


FOCUS programs are structured under two divisions, Human Services and Youth and Family Development.  The Human Services Division provides adult education, employment and training, senior-citizen programs, emergency assistance, health and nutrition programs and adult protective services.   The objective of the division is to provide members of our community with the tools necessary for empowerment, growth, and self-sufficiency.

The Youth and Family Development Division provides educational services for children before and after school, and during the summer months.  It provides counseling for families and children, parenting workshops, and referral services to families requiring temporary support, such as food, utility and housing assistance.

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