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As part of the wide and diverse FMA family, we have the responsibility to do the little we can to support those in need. For most of us in Europe and those in the neighbouring region, we are constantly reminded of the dire situations faced by refugees and immigrants, and the extreme lengths they have to go for an opportunity for a better life. Entire families, women, children, the elderly and disabled risking it all. All for a chance for a better life. A better tomorrow. 

Some of us have already contributed in our ways while some of us plan to do more but why don't we all contribute at least $10 for a good cause? We are a 400+ strong alumni family and together we have a key role to play, not just in the future of sports, but in society as a whole. Together we can raise a small amount, $4,000, to go towards initiatives which use sport as one of the solution to the refugee crisis. Whether you contribute $10, $20, or $50, every little bit counts and makes a difference.

Let's take this step together and contribute for a good cause. Let's all pledge at least $10 for the FMA FOR A CAUSE. 

Where the donations are going?

Every penny raised will be donated to StreetFootballWorld (SFW) who are a long standing partner of the FMA and who are currently playing a key role supporting refugees in some of the most affected areas in Europe and the middle east.

Established since 2002, SFW is a well-known, reliable organisation, which has been successfully using football to drive social change and do good, driven by their mission to change ‘the world through football’ and positively changing the world. See more here: 

The current refugee crisis is posing a lot great challenges for all specifically to the children involved. Children are suffering to unimaginable degrees, forced to fee their homes, undertake dangerous and strenuous journeys filled with desperation, hunger and an uncertain future. In addition to shelter, food and health care, children and the youth will need social interaction, education, positive experiences and opportunities to play to ensure their healthy physical and mental development. SFW has been using its knowledge and network to support initiatives aimed at helping refugees and immigrants in need. 

The SFW network in Europe is active in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Scotland, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. There are well established links to programmes in Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland and Moldova. 

Below are two examples of refugee support programmes implemented by SFW in some of the most affected areas in Europe:

Rheinflanke (Germany) – have been using an old US school bus fitted with a lot of sports equipment to visit refugee shelters (camps) offering opportunities to play. In addition, the programme is managed by two refugees who have been in Germany for more than a year now, helping them integrate in the community and give back to others in need.   

Oltalom Sport Association (Hungary) - uses sport (and in particular football) as a tool to empower and promote a healthy lifestyle to young people with disadvantageous backgrounds, specifically refugees in recent cases. The ongoing work to date has had a great effect on changing the whole society by reducing racism, increasing tolerance and integration of refugees into the society.   



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