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Center for Integral Spiritual Growth & Wholeness

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<p>"Flowering Heart" is the DBA of our 35 year-old 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. Our ultimate purpose is to assist the global shift in human consciousness which is already taking place, by awakening one heart at a time. When enough of us experience our hearts flowering with compassion and unconditional love, we will finally let go of a world rooted  in separation, competition, conflict and violence and usher in a new civilization built on the foundation of unity, cooperation, harmony and peace.</p> <p>OUR MISSION: To provide a safe and gentle place where people come together...</p> <p>...to be liberated from the chatter and interference of the mind,</p> <p>...to get in touch with their hearts and allow them to blossom,</p> <p>...to become whole in spirit, soul, body and relationships,</p> <p>...to discover unconditional Love, Joy and Peace,</p> <p>...to be Awakened into Unity within ourselves, with each other, with all of Creation and with the Divine Presence,</p> <p>...to learn to Live fully, freely and in spontaneous harmony with all that exists,</p> <p>...to contribute to the Healing and Awakening of the Collective of Humanity and of the Earth itself.</p> <p>...to help people with the challenging personal & planetary shifts we are passing through as we move into a new Global Consciousness, recognizing that the most important help for us and our loved ones during the changes ahead will be our own Flowering Hearts!</p> <p>Integral Spiritual Growth: We began to see that in the pursuit of spiritual growth, it is possible to become so focused on awakening and higher states of consciousness, that we ignore the development of other important aspects of our humanity. This can lead to a lack of full participation in life and a false idea about our actual level of consciousness.</p> <p>We came to understand that Integral spiritual growth and practice must include body work (such as yoga, qigong, exercise, nutrition and various healing modalities, mind work (fostering cognitive development, learning, study, clear thinking, discrimination, taking responsibility for decision making and psychological wellness, spiritual work (including meditation and contemplation, prayer, devotional practices, energy transfers, cultivating higher states of consciousness, etc.), and shadow work (to discover and reintegrate our disowned selves and suppressed unconscious material). Re-owning our shadows takes the practice of simply experiencing and transcending our charges to a profoundly deeper level of insight and breakthrough.</p> <p>Truly holistic practice could also include working on other areas of our humanity, such as ethics, relationships, sexuality, work, prosperity, community outreach and service, and more.</p> <p>People and Places of Power: This is a time when many people are making pilgrimages to powerful energy vortexes and great spiritual teachers in search of awakening. We see the need to balance this with the realization that, without going anywhere, you are already sitting in the center of the most powerful energy vortex you will ever find, your True Self. Your Heart is the actual temple of transformation, and your own inner Divine, your Higher Self, is the master you must discover to gain enlightenment and realization. There is simply nothing “out there” with more power and wisdom to do it for you than what is already inside of you, right now, right where you are, exactly as you are.</p> <p>Yes, we need each other. No one can make the spiritual journey without the help of others. We may benefit greatly from teachers and transmissions to help awaken us to our own Divinity. That being said, true freedom is to follow our inner Divine and to be free from dependence on outer forms, structures, teachers, hierarchies, paths, practices, beliefs and rules.</p> <p>About the Witness: We have also come to see that our awakening consciousness must grow to embrace and integrate all aspects of our human experience. Although it is certainly a positive step on our journey to experience ourselves as pure awareness, it is not the goal to simply witness our human life from a detached perspective, saying, “I am not this body. I am not this mind. I am not these pesky thoughts and charges. I am not those things I am experiencing. I am not the outer world. I am only the consciousness witnessing it all.” No! Don’t stop there. That is still separation and duality.</p> <p>Unity consciousness says “I am that. I am everything. It’s all me. I own it. I embrace it.” The awakened state is not just some transcendent detached blissful nirvana. It is the union of formless open silent awareness with all the raw down and dirty chaos of our embodied human experience, with all of its messy conflicts, emotions, thoughts, feelings and struggles, all of it happening simultaneously with inner peace, openness and silence undisturbed at the core! That’s oneness with it all, not just identification with the stuff that feels good, or the stuff we can see, while bypassing parts of our humanity that don’t feel so nice, or parts that we are blind to, areas that may still need work.</p>