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Florida Dream Center Inc

Find a Need, Fill a Need.

www.floridadreamcenter.org Tax ID 46-0663472


Florida Dream Center is building and rebuilding safe, productive and endearing communities, one person at a time, to restore lives. Florida Dream Center has dedicated themselves to helping those who are in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, Florida Dream Center has seen an increased number of individuals and families who have expressed a higher need than our regular operation numbers. Florida Dream Center is committed to Restoring Dreams, Renewing Hope and Rebuilding Lives by providing services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, human trafficking, hunger, poverty, addiction and community outreach. When the world is surrounded by uncertainty, the Florida Dream Center hopes to remain a pillar of good faith, hope and love by offering immediate care needs such as food, clothes and hygiene items.

As a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation, the Florida Dream Center thrives based upon donations by individuals like you, corporations like yours, and foundations that have a heart for those in need. If you have a business or work at a company that would like to partner with us, see Corporate Volunteers Wanted page or call us at 727-851-9074.

Your financial contributions are needed for us to maintain and grow the services we offer, reaching those in need where they need it most.