Flatwater Foundation

Flatwater Foundation
Flatwater Foundation
GoFundMe Charity : Oct 22, 2014
Tax ID: 27-5011867
BASED: Austin, TX, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.flatwaterfoundation.org


Flatwater Foundation is a dedicated to providing those diagnosed with cancer, their families and loved ones access to mental health therapy and family support. This includes access to both traditional and non-traditional methods of psychological counseling.

If you're as passionate about our cause as we are, it'd be amazing if you created a fundraiser on GoFundMe Charity to raise money for our Charity. GoFundMe Charity makes it super easy and fun, and your support is invaluable to our mission. Consider giving up your next birthday by asking for donations instead of gifts. Or run a marathon and ask your friends to sponsor you. We love getting donations but there's nothing better than when you go a step further and help us raise money from your network of friends. Lots of little donations really do add up. The power of the crowd is real. Please create a fundraiser and help us make a real-life difference for this incredibly important cause.

Tax ID: 27-5011867 • www.flatwaterfoundation.org


Flatwater Foundation Image Flatwater Foundation Amount Raised: $10,692

107% Raised of$10,000 Goal

Flatwater Foundation Image Flatwater Foundation Amount Raised: $19,486

97% Raised of$20,000 Goal

Team Awesome Paddles Tahoe Image Team Awesome Paddles Tahoe Amount Raised: $18,550

103% Raised of$18,000 Goal

Mo's Crusade for Mental Health Image Mo's Crusade for Mental Health Amount Raised: $8,250

97% Raised of$8,500 Goal

Chiara's 2017 Fundraising Page Image Chiara's 2017 Fundraisi… Amount Raised: $14,232

47% Raised of$30,000 Goal

Willy's Flatwater Challenge: Lake Tahoe Image Willy's Flatwater Chall… Amount Raised: $9,495

79% Raised of$12,000 Goal

One Life One Breathe One  Image One Life One Breathe One Amount Raised: $8,249

82% Raised of$10,000 Goal

Chandler Abbott Image Chandler Abbott Amount Raised: $9,380

117% Raised of$8,000 Goal

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115% Raised of$150,000 Goal

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FLATWATER. Find Yours.




87% Raised of$5,000 Goal