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FFLV is dedicated to serving the poorest of the poor residents of Vrindavan since 1990 - particularly girls and women- by providing comprehensive, essential human services which empower them to pursue fulfilling lives and become exemplary members of society and by protecting the natural environment in which they live. Our work includes free meal distribution, providing water wells for villages which have no access to drinking water. Environment projects, cleaning and planting trees and an organic farm. Sewing and embroidery centre providing employment opportunity for village women.

Most prominently however, FFLV provides free education for over 1500 girls who could not otherwise attend school. For the past 25 years FFLV has been working in Vrindavan area. We have noticed that many of the young girls studying in our schools have faced intense hardship in the form of child marriage, child labour and other forms of abuse in which young girls are forced into adult roles at an early age. The sponsorship Program is a unique innovative program that is aimed at preventing child marriage and keeping the young girls in school until the age of 18 through an incentivized scheme. A girl can be sponsored at $45 per month. Out of $45, $40 is used towards their education, uniform, meals, skills. development, medical care etc. At the same time it confronts the issue of child marriage on multiple fronts, providing free insurance, guidance and incentivizing the girls and their parents to pursue education. Each month as the girl attends school $5 is held per month in a special fund until the girls is 18 years old. After which she will get the funds and be able to choose how she would like to spend it. Education is proven to pave a pathway to employment, enabling the girls to explore alternative life choices to early marriage. It would also benefit the family by ending the cycle of poverty.