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I count on your collaboration, feeding my little pig with any amount.
I decided to make this campaign to be able to fulfill my dream of purchasing my own home.
Today I live in rent, but will not have to keep me for long.
I thank you all.

Below tell some of my story and my reason for being here asking for your help.

My dream is to have a home

Start today a campaign to accomplish my dream of having a house of their own!

I dream of a house with a garden, flowers in the windows, in the dog house.

I'm 30, I'm divorced, work and study. But every day I see more distant the possibility of realizing this dream.

I will tell my story in parts, and I've done to make this dream ...



Part I - The beginning of the dream

I started working at age 14. It was necessary to help my parents could not afford to bear the cost of the house alone.

My first job was in a bakery.

I studied from 7:30 to 12:30, Monday to Friday. And working from 14h to 22h, 23h, 24h (had stood while customer since the bakery had a bar), Tuesday to Sunday, my day off was the latter.

At that time already had in mind who needed to raise money to have a house in the future.
I began adding $ 5.00, from $ 65 per month I received.

I was in labor for 1 year. At the end, I had in my piggy $ 60.00.


Part II - The change of job

I met an angel who gave me an opportunity in an NGO that helped low-income families, children entering the labor market.

I did a short course of training and entered a design for a smaller company. At this time I earned $ 100.00. But Dad was unemployed, then the entire $ was home, we had little to pig ...

At that time I worked Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 17h and studying the night of the 18:30 22:30.

It was grueling, left home to 5h40min (sometimes it was dark) and came home to 23h.
At age 15 he slept an average of 5 hours per night.

At the weekend I took care of my clothes, help my mother with the house and tried to do some beak to earn an extra buck ...


Part III - At 18

When I turned 18, I went off program for children and was unemployed.
But continued working odd jobs as selling candy, assist in cleaning, cover gaps in the bakery ...

After 6 months unemployed got a job as administrative auxilar at that time I started doing cursinhos free to improve the curriculum.

I came back with my dream of my house and started joining $ 30.00 per month. I knew the dream was far away, but had to start somewhere.

At this time, cramming in what I did, I met a boy. We ended up falling in love and started dating.

He knew my dream, you know how much I sacrificed and I gathered to perform.

I have not had a bank account, my $ joined in a tin at home.

Our courtship was progressing on time and we are closer, starting to dream along ...

One day he was unemployed and asked me to help him buy a compressor for car wash, it was a way to work from home, pledging to strive hard to get my $ back and to win more.

So I did.
I was in my tin and took all the $ I had joined and gave him to buy the equipment and products needed to wash the cars.

Past 2 months I had not seen a penny of what I had "invested" and began questioning him. They started fighting. Ugly fights!

Conclusion, fight a few more months for him to give me back the $, but never got back.

And my dream came back to square one.



Part IV - Starting over from scratch

Starting over from scratch ...

continued help with my job and went back to join admistrativo £ 30.00 per month.

But the past few months have displaced daddy again and all my $ was to help at home, so I was a time without adding a penny.

Yet never stopped believing in my dream!

I was promoted to administrative assistant in trabalhdo and got back together £ 30.00 per month. And I was very happy with it. For help at home and could still join my buck.


Part V - A new love

At 20 years met another guy. I confess I was very afraid, because I lost much confidence in men after my first boyfriend.

But I heard a lot of people who would give a new chance at life, a person who made ​​a mistake, but did not mean that all err.

So I decided to try, but always on the back foot.

He proved a very honest, hardworking, also helped the family.

And every day firmavamos further our relationship.

I always travel with my dream and still convince him to join the buck too. Even little, but it was something.

Two years later we decided to get married.

How juntavamos a buck (even separately) can buy some things for our house we would want alguar.

Married and were very happy.

I persisted with the dream of having my own home. And I saw that as we have become in a couple it would be easier for us to raise money to realize this dream.

Then we shared the expenses and we could add 10% of our income. We decided to open a savings account to pay off.



Part VI - The surprises

During 1 ½ years we lived very well, working, paying our accounts, joining our buck.

But unfortunately, was all too good and he was fired.

Then the problems started coming as surprises!

I went to bear all expenses of the house and began to encourage him to another job he could.

In this period there was a saving quick stop, could not put anything else.

Things were getting more difficult every day, so I started selling candy, makeup ... anything to get pay household expenses.

My husband, to my surprise, did not move to get a job and did not help me at all in sales of candy and makeup.

We began to have many problems because of this and I was going to work eventually, and he exhausted me doing nothing. And felt normal!

I tried everything, but nothing made ​​him thrash about to help me.

Past 1 year I made the difficult decision to separate myself. And I did!

He did not accept at all, yet we parted.

So he left home, shared the things we had at home and arranged to divide the $ savings with him. After the period in which he helped me live well.

I went to the bank to withdraw a portion of it, when to my surprise when I pulled the extract had R5 5, 57 on account. I nearly had a leg!

In the period in which he became unemployed had withdrawn all the money we had joined.

This for me was stabbed in the chest!

All my savings, all my dreams going down the drain again ...



Part VII - The Nightmare

Past the pain of separation and stabbed in the back with the loss of all my savings.
I thought everything had already happened, when to my surprise, I started receiving credit card charges, electricity, water ...
I did not understand anything and I was searching for information!
There were multiple accounts without paying, interspersed in months.
I went to investigate to see what had happened and to my surprise and disappointment I discovered that my husband often kept the money from their accounts and failed to pay. And he was doing so interspersed, just so I do not "understand".

It took me over a fright and my financial life turned into a nightmare!

I was gathering all charges and saw that the thing was a ridiculous proportion and my name was dirty.

Despite the sadness, not discouraged. I was made ​​to creditors and negotiations for installment payments and started paying for my life and my reputation back.

Meanwhile, I was totally cleared, my dream and I just stopped working for pay.

It lasted more than 1 year, but thanks to God I could pay off all the debts. What a relief it was for me and I could return to my normal life.



Part VIII - Returning to dream

After my financial life has stabilized, I started focusing on my dream with much emphasis and dedication.

My life was work, family, study and add $ to my house. Do not buy anything for me, just the essentials, my $ was for my home, period.

Still, my life went quiet, surpassed all that had lived.

Then moved on!


Part IX - The beginning of realization

With all the dedication and much resignation, could join a enough money to buy land to build my house.

And I started researching ...

I tried very, very researched, asked a lot of information.

And I found, a land not very big, but enough to build my dream house and realize the most important of my life.

I began to gather documents, negotiating price and almost everything was closed ... when I got the news.

Continued ....



Part X - The worst pain

When I was about to buy the land to make my dream I received some sad news ...
Dad had cancer and advanced.

There began an arduous, painful and expensive ...

Dad was in a public hospital and could not be transferred to specialized hospitals for treatment of disease.
The hospital was poor, had no structure, no remedy. Then I began to spend the money I had collected to save the life of Dad.

The costs were high and growing list of need every day. My savings were dissolving in the middle of it all (and I do not regret anything).
The money from my savings evaporated and it was not enough, I still had to borrow to make ends meet.

My despair was such that I did not care, I wanted at any cost to save him.

Unfortunately all my efforts and all the money spent was not enough to save him. He's gone and I felt the worst pain of my life.

Again and in the worst way


The decision

After all these events and always back to square one, still believe in my dream, but I see very far yet.

Yet paid the loans purchased but never give up.

I then decided to ask for help.

Many will call me crazy, abused, clueless, shamelessly. But I do not care.

Asking for help is not a crime, and I'm humble enough for that.

I understand that nobody is forced to read my story, not to help. But I will be very grateful to anyone and can help me achieve this dream.

I ask humbly, leaving aside the pride and already thanking any help. Contributions in any amount.

Who can not donate some value, but can pray that I can realize this dream, thank you just the same.

Thank you!


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