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FATE Foundation Inc

FATE Foundation Inc supports young artists in training.

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Future Artists Training and Education, Fate Foundation Inc is formed exclusively for and will support the young artists of Kanyok Arts Initiative. Teens in this charity foundation will directly benefit from your tax donation and support.

Our program gives a well rounded training to dancers 10 months a year, 4 days a week. The program also includes a monthly intensive program consisting of a 3 day, 19 hour study for dancers spanning North America.  Further, KAI is introducing its summer intensive that is a 10-day inclusive training which concludes with a performance at a renowned dance festival in New York City.

Kanyok Arts Initiative instills the core values of discipline, integrity and commitment in our young artists. Our philosophy is dance training is life training. Therefore, we not only build highly employable dancers, but also cultivate outstanding young professionals.