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i am an HND graduate with rich experience in photography, graphic designing, UV spraying, fire safety, large format machine operation, UV machines, Fiber marking and laser machines, fire safety etc. I am married and unfortunately lost my job about a month ago. 

i have always had the edge of being an entrepreneur to employ and train many with the experiences acquired. I believe this is the time to start but unfortunately the financial means isn't there. I have tried showing my business proposals and ideas to relatives, friends etc but no help seems to be coming. 

If i can get help to purchase a powerful digital camera with lens eg. Canon EOS 60D, i will be able to start from somewhere and expand with time. The poultry also comes in due to its high profit margins, low space, easy accessibility and high demand. I already have acquired the space (27x43 feet) with an estimated amount of $1800 needed for the chicks, metal mesh, masonry works, saw dust, electrical works, drinkers, feeders, feed etc.

I therefore humbly seek financial support to start my own Photography business and a Poultry farm (broilers) due to their high national demand which will in the end help employ many and feed others.Thank you for your kindness and support.