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Family Hands Foundation, Inc

Regaining Control of Life One Shower at a Time

https://www.fhfoundations.org/ Tax ID 83-4525292


During these times of uncertanty, we want to provide some consisitancy in personal hygiene care to those who are experiencing chronic homelessness by providing Mobile  Showers.

We feel that if we can provide a place for them to care for their personal hygiene we can restore a since of dignity and pride. This will enable those experiencing homelessness to regain control of their lives in a new and refreshing way. We at Family Hands Foundation, Inc truly feel if you feel better, you will do better,  and if you look good, you do good.

Regaining control of personal hygiene is the beginning to regaining control of your personal life one shower at a time.

We provide optimal and comprehensive support to individuals and families struggling to regain control of their lives due to hopelessness, homelessness, prison confinement, and traumatic life crisis. It is our goal to empower individuals and their families to move out of crisis and into successful solutions. While we provide multiple services through our agency, we are currently launching a campaign to provide Mobile Hygiene services to those experiencing chronic homelessness.

The purpose of our organization is to promote healthy families by providing a myriad of life work balance programs, community support services, re-entry workshops, and mentorship programs that empower individuals to lead productive lives in the community thereby maintaining healthier more cohesive families.

Family Hands Foundation, Inc serves the community by providing programs that bridge the gap between educational and fundamental services and families in our community one family at a time.

Remember, no dontation is too small or too large. We want to Thank You in advance for your generosity.

Family Hands Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) orgainizaton.

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