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Family Service Of Champaign County

Supporting People Across the Generations with Quality Human Services

www.famservcc.org Tax ID 37-0663559


Imagine being older, alone, ill and unable to drive yourself to the doctor or safely prepare yourself a meal.  "Who ya gonna call?"  Family Service!

We help older adults with hot meals, free rides, in-home services, help filing Medicare or finding area resources.  That makes an incredible difference! 

"I am almost blind now, so I would have a hard time without the meals.  I can’t cook at all, so I would have to eat cold food as best I could.”--Meals on Wheels recipient

“I would have no where to turn, no food, no medicines, no doctor without the Family Service volunteers.   I can’t put into words how grateful I am.”--Senior Transportation ride recipient

Many older adults enjoy staying involved with meaningful volunteer work; our Retired & Senior Volunteer Program staff keeps them connected!

"Hats off to the staff at RSVP! The volunteer opportunities in this community are great.  No matter what your interests are, you can find a niche!"--RSVP volunteer

We also provide many services for families and younger individuals including counseling, parent education, and a Self-Help Center.  

"With the use of the skills we learned in counseling...my husband and I are getting along a lot better and we're well on the path to a happy, healthy family life."--Counseling client 

Family Service of Champaign County has adapted to meet the changing needs of people in our community since 1911.  Because as one of our clients related "it's good not to feel alone with you need help".   Your gift to sponsor miles will deliver meals, provide rides, and help seniors in our community.  Thank you!