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The mission of Fair Tide is to reduce homelessness by providing housing and supportive services.

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Fair Tide owns and operates a multi-unit house in Kittery, Maine and also helps match clients experiencing homelessness with landlords and property managers who have available units in the private rental market.  We assist both parties in navigating the complicated housing voucher or subsidy process so the transition is as fast and smooth as possible.  Our Landlord Engagement Initiative offers incentives to encourage these partnerships.  

The key to long-term success for the households we serve is our ongoing, targeted case management services.  After securing housing, our case manager works with the individual or family on goals such as stabilizing mental or physical health, furthering education, obtaining and maintaining employment, budgeting and financial management, and creating a support system.  We serve as a resource not only for our clients, but also for the landlords and property managers who rent to them. All our work is geared toward helping the household maintain housing and improve their quality of life.

Fair Tide also serves as a strong advocate for affordable housing development.  We work closely with the town of Kittery to create the conditions which allow for and incentivize the building of housing that is affordable for those often priced out of the market.  We continue to make strides toward the development of affordable housing projects in the region.