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The primary purpose of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank Service, Inc. is to provide food for hungry people and to distribute surplus food that would ordinarily be discarded. All locally collected food is to be distributed without charge.

www.fairbanksfoodbank.org Tax ID 92-0088266


Founded in 1982, the Fairbanks Community Food Bank collects and redistributes donated food to individuals and agencies. Food donations are received from the local community and about 100 commercial vendors. Food is distributed through many programs including Food Boxes, Bone Builders, and Agency Shopping.

The Fairbanks Community makes a difference in the lives of neighbors by sharing resources. The vision of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank is: -To have no one in the Tanana Valley die of starvation -To have no child in the Tanana Valley go hungry -To provide food assistance to everyone who meets federal poverty guidelines, if it is requested