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Fair Shake Network Inc

The Fair Shake Network (FSN) is a grassroots organization of West Virginians dedicated to a "fair shake" for people with disabilities and to the belief that diversity makes our communities stronger. We provide an effective voice in the development of public policy, to give people with disabilities a fair shake.



The Fair Shake Network is an association of West Virginians dedicated to a “fair shake” for people with disabilities. Its mission is to educate policymakers and the public about disability issues and to empower people with disabilities to speak for themselves.

Our Vision:

People with disabilities will have an equal opportunity to fully participate in their communities and realize their dreams.

Our Values:

1. All people should have equal opportunities and the support they need to be full members of their communities, state and nation.

2. Everyone has value and something to contribute.

3. If people don’t speak up, things won’t change.

4. We have strength in numbers when we act together.