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Hello, friends Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please can we all help keep the business built up going My business is an e-commerce business with an online shop? His name is yourbazaars.com is a complete clear here delivery within 12 to 24 hours, which will only start in Dhaka first and will be followed by a five-year process in which Bangladesh India will start the market in Pakistan.I worked with my friend and me on an e-commerce site for Work a year. And we've been trading for 6 months with 5% share in another commerce site and now we both want to start an e-commerce partnership we know how to run it and we have experienced, and we both have a better knowledge of marketing and websites. We've worked on it and we can make it better, it's not our guess that we believe that if you donate, it's possible. My Nickname is MD Rabbi and my friend who worked on an e-commerce site for a year called MD Happy and we both shared 5% of the business in another e-commerce company but we didn't get much of a word from the board, no matter how good it was because another co Mani had more shares and she wanted the whole thing to go her way so we didn't want to and we had to get out of that company. This is the real-life business role model. This my experience.  So we decided to start an e-commerce shop called yourbazaars.com 'The Electric Products and Fashion Products we can improve it a lot because we learned from our old experience and hard work that the main thing of e-commerce is marketing and gaining customer confidence. Buyer's Trust Gain: What we need to do is gain the buyer's trust will only do delivery time in Bangladesh within three to five days and we will make a three-day replacement and call within 24 hours of delivery and take the product's quality and review. Support will also be the best product well try to give the best quality products to the buyers. Marketing: Marketing depends on all of our marketing in three ways that will continue to be on Facebook, YouTube, YouTube content. Facebook Boost will keep it a page that will always update new products and offer youtube ad via Google AdYouTube content will be a little different if you spend time with little kids on real birthdays and fully capture the gifts they'll be given and we'll post videos on Facebook with the name of our e-commerce site. Marketing will get a good response. We will add more marches in the future to make our website more complete and allow the best marchers to be able to help customers not to be disturbed. I'll be able to start. Our target customers will be from young children to 50-year-olds. Because here everything from Troy to electric products and fashion stochastics is all about trying to keep everything from a little kid to an old man to everything they need. First, we want to start the business in Dhaka and start it in two to three months. Many online shop owners are looking for a better way to get a good product from low-profit customers. We would like to encourage anyone to buy a product from our website if he is not confused about buying the product the next time and encourage others to buy the product. We want our customers to have a good product with us. We want to make sure that we get more sales so we can keep our old customers. We have the target in the first six months to sell my product for $20,000First, there will be a website and then we will create an app that we can do if you cooperate with us in the first two months our dream is fulfilled, we will have a foundation in four years and we will be able to support the new entrepreneurs as much as possible. We are asking for help now and we promise you we will inform you of every update. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. The essence of this GoFundMe is the same mantra that I started many years ago and still holds today. Take a chance on this small-town guy and you will not be disappointed if you can help. Any donation over $ 5 and I will do the equivalent of cleaning the carpet, the tile or the furnishings price I pride myself on trying and doing my best, even though I need help at this point.