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Expresso Steam Foundation

Bringing STEM/STEAM Book Bundles to (Expresso) Children of Color across the U.S.

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Help us diversify STEM programs and jobs by bringing book bundles to children of color across the U.S.

About five years ago, it was said that in the not-too-distant future, science, technology, engineering, (art), and math (STEM/STEAM) jobs will make up 62 percent of the workforce. The reality is the future is now! STEM jobs are dominating the job boards.

Job postings in STEM outnumber unemployed STEM workers 2: 1.

Yet there is a well-documented lack of representation in STEM jobs among people of color across our country.

With the schools stretched by COVID to provide the basics, parents have to be creative.  For parents just barely maintaining before COVID, STEM content and learning aids are a luxury.

At the Expresso Kids STEM Foundation, also known as Expresso Kids , we want to increase STEM awareness in general and at the same time help diversify the STEM industry from the lab or manufacturing floor to the board room. Our nonprofit organization is working to promote STEM and STEAM education among minority children while working collaboratively with businesses and institutions to increase diversity in STEM educational programs and careers.

Through our niche resource portal and social media community TechnologyExpresso.com, we share STEM information and opportunities. We also work closely with organizations, corporations, schools, shelters and local news outlets to close the digital divide among the underserved children who are tomorrow’s future tech leaders and innovators.

Now, we’re raising funds to giveaway free “STEM Book Bundles" to families nominated by our large base of followers. Our exciting and engaging STEM Book Bundles are packed with engaging educational goodies, including books, magazines, coloring books, worksheets, games, craft supplies, and other materials designed to make STEAM learning fun.  Expresso books feature leading characters of color, highlight the family, traditions of the african-american culture and black history content.  Our bundles, available in English and Spanish, are suitable for children of all ages and their families and are designed to work in tandem with online activities.

Our work is making an impact: During COVID-19 and the George Floyd tragedy this spring and summer, we started a drawing on social media to give away our STEM Book Bundles and received many messages of support from people who are facing extraordinary hardship and are disheartened by rising racial tensions. You can check out the huge smiles on our “Wall of Winners” at www.Expresso-steam-foundation.org to see the impact of our work.

We know there is huge demand for our bundles. To meet this demand, we are seeking compassionate partners with a vested interest in opening doors of opportunity within STEAM programs and jobs to underserved minority children.

Your tax-deductible donation* can be made securely with a credit card via this page. Though donations of every size help, a donation of $50 will bring one free STEM Bundle to a child who can benefit tremendously from the contents inside. (If you know of a business that would like to sponsor multiple boxes, please contact me and I can provide our list of sponsorship levels and benefits).

We are happy to thank donors publicly on our Wall of Smiles, on our social media accounts, and in any other ways we can to show appreciation of your generous donation.

If you can’t donate at this time, you can still help! Please share this campaign with your friends and family and post the page link on your social media pages to help us raise awareness of this project.

Our woman-owned, black-owned initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible* and will be used exclusively to advance our mission.

From all of us at Expresso Kids, we thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

With Appreciation & Regards,

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman & the Expresso STEAM Team

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Atlanta, Georgia 30319

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*Expresso Kids STEM Foundation is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; tax ID #83-0915819.