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July 20, 2017

We have just posted a description of our cause on this fundraising drive.  Please review our recent Description for your thoughts on the justification  See more


    The President/CEO of this particular non-profit corporation has encountered firsthand resentment from judges at both the trial court level, as well as higher courts on appeal, when he has offered citations of the rules of court, statutes, rules of evidence, and rules of procedure for the benefit of the court in deciding how to best apply the law impartially and fairly to all parties involved. He realized that the news media does not understand how to explain these things that easily to the general public, except for journalists who may already have a law degree.  


  However, those journalists who have a law degree are also bound by one of their own rules in the code of ethics they are expected to adhere to, which involves whether they are explaining something to the general public that may reflect poorly on the practice of law. If that happens, those journalists could be disbarred. If they are disbarred, even if it is based upon exposing a breach of the code of judicial conduct that judges are expected to comply with, they would lose their own credibility as a journalist, and perhaps even lose their own job.  


  This is where someone like myself, who is not a member of the bar, but has been encouraged by other attorneys-at-law to take a bar exam in some state, would have an advantage in improving the image of the legal profession by making the public aware of specific instances, where the public may wish to weigh-in on their own with online public surveys as described on our website – with hyperlinks to specific rules of law, and rules of court that each state may have already posted on the Internet for view by anyone in the world. When that happens it would give more power to state bar associations to remove those judges, who are embarrassing the legal profession, where other judges are in fact making reasonable efforts to improve the public’s perception of the legal profession.  


  We are now at the stage where online public surveys are the only thing that is needed is to post actual online surveys that anyone in the public may participate in, as shown on the Surveys page of our website. These online public surveys can be posted for less than $15,000 to start.  




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