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Everything is Awesome says F*ck Cancer

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"Everything is Awesome says F*ck Cancer" is about helping raise money that can go towards early detection, prevention, and providing support to those affected by cancer. I'm ashamed to admit that beyond being anti-cancer (as everyone should be), that until it affected me personally, I wasn't well educated about cancer nor helpful towards the cause. When my uncle, whom is not much older than me and has always been more of big brother than uncle to me, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma the world suddenly stopped. Initially, things went amazingly well-- chemo certainly took it's toll, but it wasn't, as an onlooker, as bad as I had imagined. While undergoing chemo, he was told that there were no more cancer cells in his body. He had stems cells harvested and injected to help with everything as the final part of his treatment. It was a few weeks after that treatment and him being home that we found out the cancer was back.

I talk about it on episode 37 of Everything is Awesome (this was released while my uncle was still kicking cancer's ass), if you care to hear more details of this emotional roller coaster head on over to, but we sadly lost my uncle to this cowardly disease on November 6th, 2016. He fought hard and overcame ever obstacle his body would let him.

I'm hoping, through my podcast Everything is Awesome and other creative outlets I'm part of, to help raise awareness about prevention, early detection, and support for those directly or indirectly affected by cancer. For anyone that knows my uncle, the charity "F*ck Cancer" is very much my uncle. He has a flair for explicit language and when I first found out that my uncle was diagnosed with cancer, it's the first charity that popped into my head.

Let's take a stand and say what EVERYONE is thinking... "Fuck Cancer."



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