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Every Ribbon Tells A Story

Your Ribbon matters

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Increasing the awareness that cancer care and preventive treatments are vital.Our MISSION is to assist underinsured and uninsured persons with mammograms and other medical evaluations inquest for the best health and wellness.This VISION is accompanied by working side by side with other organizations providing the same and/ or similar resources and services.

After much PRAYER,ERTAS decided to extend their MISSION to include ALL RIBBONS, not just the "pink" Ribbon.

We are rooted in Galveston County and we are here to serve our community. We provide the platform for those who are willing to "Share" their stories in hopes of helping someone who may by dealing with the same or other health issues.

We provide those platforms at our 3 fundraisers that are held every year to raise funds to assist  those who are in need of our help: March : A Woman and her ribbon.

June :A Man And His Ribbon" Luncheon, where we provide the platform for MEN to "Share their Stories" on how they "got through" their illnesses such as Colon Cancer, Strokes, Diabetes, Prostate Cancer and Sickle Cell Anemia.