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Every Ability Plays Project

We purchase special playground equipment for children with physical disabilities.

http://everyabilityplaysproject.com Tax ID 84-3687608


Every Ability Plays Project supports communities to build accessible playgrounds starting in Albuquerque.   I am really pushing the city of Albuquerque to build accessible neighborhood parks.   The city wants to build one huge accessible park which will be very far for some families.   The city is now starting to see my vision.   Every Ability Plays Project has put in a special swing set for this beautiful little boy, Joaquin, at Westgate Community Park.  They are to special swing seats.   This is where Every Ability Plays Project has kicked off.  We are now starting to go into homes.   We ordered a special bouncer for this beautiful little boy. Zantiago,. for his house,  and we have put him  a special swing at his neighborhood park, which is, Shawn Mc Wethy Park. We ordered a wheelchair swing for a young girl who lives in Clovis, New Mexico. I hope we can keep doing these kinds of things for our children with disabilities. 

How we will use the money:Tibbetts All Ability Part will be an accessible park built in Farmington, New Mexico. It will be built on 7 acres of land. Every Ability Plays Project has offered to purchase two wheelchair swings, four adaptive swings and some toy panels. We will also be researching how we can get a real wheelchair slide to this special park. With the equipment that we want to purchase for this project, we need to raise $11,000.