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Who we are?

Business CardLet me introduce myself. I'm Thomas Ambrus, I'm 26 years old and I'm the owner of the original idea of the E-Unio. I have many kind of education from landscape architecture to php, c++ and pascal programming to hospitaly. 

I had the chance to travel a lot, what if we could provide a whole new range of services brought together on one site.
As time passed i managed to build a familiar team around myself, these are the people who are helping me to successfully carry out this project.

What do we want to achieve?

Back in 2006 we dreamt a site, which could provide us a familiar Europe, where the single countries and cultures are not so divided as nowadays.
Our basic goal was to provide the EU citizens a page which can make their travels and holidays easier, a give them a rock solid kickstart where they can reach all the necessary informations whithin secounds.

Neverthless we want to build an alltogether europian former where people can discuss their experiences towards all the places . So they wont feel themselves as a foreginer, just like visiting the countryside.

How do we want to reach this?

The PageLogging in from a country, you findyourself in front your wheather, 
information, currency and all the necessary infos. From a click here, you can find out about almost everything like creating a business, visiting local sights, which are the best restaurants, nightlife spots, wellness and recreational facilites, nearby doctors or even embassies.

In a sentence, everything you could possibly needs.

Why would an editor help us to build the site?

We’d like to present the places through the eyes of aboriginals and tourists who’ve already visited these places. Because no one knows it better than them. Facilitating the burden of choice either it’s a sightseeing tour or an excursion.


Why would anybody become an editor?

So?It’s easy; to help others, and for the money of course.

We’ve worked out a system which can create a passive earning for anyone. The new site will be optimised for managability to make it’s usage as easy to learn as it possibly can be. Also our crew will be available 24/7 in case you have any questions.

So how does this makes money?

CakeIt’s pretty simple. If You edit a sub-page, You get ad places on it, what You can sell to anyone and keep the whole profit. In case You don’t have enough time or patience, with a quick registration Google’s AdSense can do the job for You. From this point, the amount of the money You make is totally up to Your efforts and the topic You choose. We don’t take any commission after the sold ad places. This is quite a big piece of cake, and we want everyone to have the chance to cut out a slice of it.

Why should You use our site instead of search engines?

Search?Well because the search engines work from the whole web, and on our site all of the links are uploaded and maintaned individually. Because of this You can only find actual and relevant information, moreover by our forum You’re provided with the possiblity to rate and comment on these, or even check out what the others wrote about You.




So what do we need the money for?

We’d like to stress that this is not a fictional project, the site is already working, we’ve set the foundation-stones. But this is sadly not enough to start on an international level and recruit editors.

Money distribution diagram

1.) First of all, we need a brand new page, which reflects everything we want. We want a complex and brand new online portal system, which can be easily customised by the users’ needs, and also makes Your own site simply managable.
2.) We need to register a brand new company for the project too.
3.) Also we need a lawyer to write our EULA, and to help to figure out how we can pay the editors across countries.
4.) Every good and frequented site needs a stable server, which can serve a lot of visitors.

Albert5.) After we have the server, we need to grant the internet connectionfor it. With the user numbers we’re planning, we need a 1 000 Mbit dedicated connection trough out the world.
6.) Now we have the webpage, and the server, but no one will find us, if we dont make a goodSearch Engine Optimalization.
7.) We want the site to be reachable from every platform, doesnt matter if its Android, iOS or windows mobile. So if you need information, you can get it fast.
8.) We want to see only useful, and dedicated informations on our site, so we need dosens ofeditors from every country.
9.) After we have all these, we only need one more thing, You and other visitors. So we need a bit of promotion.
+1) And of course for all these work processes, we need lots of energy drinks. I think that’s incontrovertible.

Every investment data is calculated for a one year period.

Last Words

ThomasSpecial thanks: Goes to our dear friend Regő Kőrösi who was kind enough to provide us his amazing camera and Annabella Hevesi who helped us with the video after works.

Hi,it’s Thomas again. I hope You like the site so far and You share our point that this could make life easier for a lot of people. I’d like to personally guarantee You, that the money we raise here is an absolute necessity to our kickstart and will be only used for this cause. Also we’re dedicated to re-invest every single dime donated for us from the successfull company, and help out others as generiously as You did.

Because we really know how much could a little help mean when You’ve that idea.

Please help Us, to build the E-unio together!



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