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Santa Barbara's professional theater company

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Mission: History:

Ensemble Theatre Company presents important new plays and innovative  interpretations of classic works for a broad audience. ETC engages  audiences with entertaining, compelling, and thought-provoking  theatrical productions, develops the community's knowledge and  appreciation of live stage productions, and offers a range of  educational programs for young people.

Ensemble Theatre Company of Santa Barbara (ETC)  began as the Ensemble Theatre Project in 1978 under the direction of  Joseph Hanreddy. For the first three years, plays were performed at  Trinity Episcopal Church. In 1981, ETC made the 140-seat Alhecama  Theatre its home for more than 25 years. Beginning in 2009, ETC  undertook a $12.6 million renovation of the Victoria Hall Theater. It  opened its new 300-seat home, the New Vic, in 2013. The New Vic has  become a venue for dance, music, film, and lectures.
After Joseph Hanreddy left Santa Barbara in 1985, Robert Grande Weiss  became Artistic Director, a position he held until his retirement in  2006. Jonathan Fox assumed the position of Executive Artistic Director  in September 2006 and saw the company through great expansion. Jill  Seltzer joined ETC as its Managing Director in 2016.
ETC, which became an Equity theatre in 1989, is Santa Barbara’s sole  professional theatre company. The company, which presents five or six  plays per season, has produced several American and West Coast  premieres, and has garnered numerous awards over the years.