Escape for Good 2 (LA)



103% Raised of$10,000 Goal

Escape for Good 2 (LA) Photo
Escape for Good 2 (LA) Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Apr 06, 2013

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Apr 06, 2013


Race details--

On Saturday, April 6th 2013, the most heroic adventurers will gather to Escape for Good. REGISTER TODAY TO JOIN US! 


Paired up in teams of two, and dressed as their favorite heroes from the 80s and 90s, competitors will gather for a slap up breakfast in West Hollywood, until at the sound of a siren, they will embark on the second Escape for Good.


Their mission: to get the hell outta town and raise money for their favorite causes!


Sponsored by their friends and family, the competitors have 24 hours to get as far away from the start line as possible and raise as much money as they can for charity -- with no cash, no credit cards, nothing but their wits. 


Every team will be competing for a charity of their choice. Check out the leaderboard to join a team – the amount you raise or give is a vote of confidence for the competitors you back. The more money your team starts with on April 6th (min. of $500 each), the more likely they are to win. 

There are two ways teams can accrue mileage: (1) through distance traveled on race day and (2) by raising money!  Every $100 raised adds another 10 miles to a team’s total distance. 

Accrue the most mileage and your charity will get an awesome donation prize!! Let's get going and feel free to email everyone you know about it.



Hi teams! Quick update--

For every $100 you raise, you get 10 virtual miles from the start line – your virtual mileage will be added to your physical mileage on race day.
Raise $500 and get a bonus 100 miles.
Raise $1,000 and get a bonus 250 miles!

Plus, you can get 50 miles when your friends sign up as a team. Not afraid of a little competition, are you? 

Remember, the more miles you rack up (virtual or physical), the closer you’llbe to winning $5,000 for your charity.


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Blaze You Out

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The Femme Fatales

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The Fresh2o Fighters

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The Kissograms!

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