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eric resch - JavaJog for Coffee Women in the Congo - Seattle

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Run to give hope to coffee women in the Congo!

Coffee people are caring and enjoy having fun together and making a difference.  JavaJog brings it all together! In Seattle, our 5K and 10K races will raise funds for coffee women in Eastern Congo who've been the victims of heartbreaking violence, but who possess so much wisdom, tenacity and high hopes for the future.


We’ve all heard the horrific accounts of ongoing fighting in the Congo. In late 2012, the Kivu region was again struck by violence, leaving communities reeling. Women once again bore the brunt of the brutality. The violence continues today.


Kivu is a coffee-producing region, and communities have been beginning to rebuild this sector, facing tremendous hardships in the process. International buyers are taking interest in the coffees, and coffee is providing the people with a connection to the outside world and a glimmer of hope for their future.


Forging these kinds of partnerships brings life to the coffee community.  The first Race, held early one cold, windy morning in Boston, brought us together in solidarity with women in Congo whose lives on a daily basis are infinitely more harsh than the bitter winds we faced.   To consider their courage as we braved the blistering winds was a clear wake up call – to understand, to advocate and to do more – together.

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