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Equal Employment Opportunity

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March 17, 2017

The world would be a better place if global people were consolidated. It's never late to do better, here comes the time : let's unify in supporting  See more


Robert Emomgo


Human beings are born equal, but the society turns some of us unequal compared to others. Marginalized manpower is a fact, we are not equal in the labor market. Thus, the seed of discrimination is in us. Governments' attempts in making us believe the opposite are dissuasive, the truth is that years of high education and work experiences do not entitle some of us an employment. Employment discrimination involves treating an applicant less favorably because of her or his race, gender, religion, national origin, physical / mental disability or age. We need a revolutionary change in workplaces. Therefore GLOBAL EQUAL EMPOYMENT OPPORTUNITY needs your help to accomplish its worldwide goal : - establishing units in counties / municipalities to create jobs for the marginalized - establishing units that serve as complementary job coaching actors to national Employment offices - promoting inclusiveness and diversity in the labor market The total cost is estimated at $ 120.000 (equivalent € 112.770). A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. With the funding, we could contribute to sustainable change in the workplace environment by promoting diversity and provide access to a large range of work-related tools : offer job seekers various work apprenticeships (e.g traineeship, workplace introduction, labor induction, sheltered employment, various wage subsidies to employers who hire a marginalized job seeker. A 1 coin from each of us can make a monumental change. Let's rally and create a people-to-people solidarity synergy towards job and employment. Start donate and be part of the change.



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